How to Apply – MicroPore Nail Polish

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How to Apply


1. Do NOT pre-wipe your nails with alcohol.

2. Apply MicroPore Polish to dry nails after a normal hand washing.  Do NOT apply FlexiNail in between the time of the hand washing and polish application. 

3. After applying MicroPore, let it dry well before applying FlexiNail over top of the color.

4. Continue to apply FlexiNail on top of MicroPore a couple times a day.

5. To remove MicroPore do NOT use an acetone polish remover. Use FlexiNail Soy Based Enriched nail polish remover.

6. After removing MicroPore, take a break of at least several days before reapplying MicroPore Polish again (the longer the break the better as FlexiNail works better on bare nails).

7. Use FlexiNail cuticle conditioning complex on your cuticles daily or a couple times a week to help keep your cuticles looking great shape and contributing to your nail care routine.

8. Click HERE for more detailed information on MicroPore Polish and Usage Instructions